2017 Recipients

2017 Award Recipients




Tian-Bing Xu R&D 100 Award Finalist “Hybrid Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Transducer (HYPEHT)”
Ronald Krueger American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Region 1 Engineer of the Year
Melike Nikbay American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Associate Fellow
Nelson De Carvalho ASTM International ASTM Emerging Professional
Ross Burns Best Paper Award: AIAA Hampton Roads Section Young Professionals “Femtosecond Laser Electronic Excitation Tagging Velocimetry in a Transonic, Cryogenic Wind Tunnel”

Nelson De Carvalho, Ronald Krueger

Best Paper Award: American Society of Composites 31st Annual Technical Conference “Modeling Fatigue Damage Onset and Progression in Composites Using and Element-Based Virtual Crack Closure Technique Combined with the Floating Node Method”
Jason He Best Paper Award:  11th International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring “Baseline-Subtraction-Free (BSF) Damage-Scattered Wave Extraction for Stiffened Isotropic Plates”
Jill Brown, Zach Johns NASA Group Achievement Award Autonomy Incubator Team: “Demonstrating the feasibility of a small uninhabited aerial system to enable new earth science missions by autonomously delivering and recovering an atmospheric sensor.”  
Boris Diskin, Yi Liu, Hiroaki Nishikawa, Li Wang  NASA Group Achievement Award FUN3D Software Development Team: “For significantly enhancing numerical prediction of aerospace vehicle aerodynamics and design through development of the FUN3D computational fluid dynamics software.”  
Jae Woo Kim, Godfrey Sauti NASA Group Achievement Award Nanotechnology Incubator Team: “For innovations in net shape fabrication of carbon nanotube enabled multifunctional components.” 
Sang-Hyon Chu NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal “For exceptional development of advanced nanocomposites for enabling space technology.”
Jae Woo Kim NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal “For development of innovative processing methods for high-strength carbon nanotube composites.”
Yi Lin NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal “For development of holey graphene for advanced energy storage applications.”
Godfrey Sauti NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal “For exceptional contributions to the fabrication of high-strength carbon nanotube composites articles.”