2018 Recipients

Drs. Yi Lin and Jae-Woo KimNASA 2018 NASA Langley H. J. E. Reid Award
Dr. Li WangAIAA Hampton Roads Section 2018-2019 Engineer of the Year“For development and demonstration of a high-fidelity, computationally-efficient, multidisciplinary analysis and adjoint-based optimization tool for rotorcraft applications.”
Jill Brown and Zachary Johns (Consultant)NASA Group Achievement Award– Autonomy Incubator“Demonstrating the feasibility of a small uninhabited aerial system to enable new earth science missions by autonomously delivering and recovering an atmospheric sensor.”
Drs. Boris Diskin, Yi Liu,Hiroaki Nishikawaand Li WangNASA Group Achievement Award– FUN3D Software Development Team“For significantly enhancing numerical prediction of aerospace vehicle aerodynamics and design through development of the FUN3D computational fluid dynamics software.”
Jae Woo Kim andGodfrey Sauti1NASA Group Achievement Award– Nanotechnology Incubator Team“For innovations in  net shape fabrication of carbon nanotube enabled multifunctional components.”
Kyle Smalling, Tom Strom, and William Fredericks (PTI Client)NASA Group Achievement Award– Learn to Fly Team“For outstanding accomplishments in demonstrating the feasibility of Learn to Fly technology, culminating in a successful flight test campaign in August 2017..”
Brandon RichardsonNASA Group Achievement Award– Low Temperature Multifunctional Material Development Team“For the development of a new low temperature multifunctional material which is enabling enhanced capabilities for the Nation.”
Dr. Sarah PeakNASA Group Achievement Award– Temperature Sensitive Paint Development Team“For the development of carbon nanotube heating techniques to improve the efficiency of temperature sensitive paint transition measurements in transonic facilities.”
Dr. Amber SojaNASA Group Achievement Award– NASA Disaster Response Coordination Team“For outstanding achievement in providing timely, innovative and potentially life-saving information and mapping products to disaster response teams throughout the world.”
Ed Hogge and Tom StromNASA Group Achievement Award– Systems Health & Operations Open-Data Team“For outstanding contributions to the open data initiative by conducting and posting experimental system fault and run-to-failure data sets with exceptional scientific value.”
Dr. Adam DuzikNASA Exceptional Achievement Medal“For exceptional achievement for proof of principle of Nuclear Thermionic Avalanche Cell through testing and evaluation.”
Dr. Hiroaki NishikawaBest Paper 2017 AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference (Presented at AIAA SciTech 2018 Awards Luncheon)“Uses of Zero and Negative Volume Elements for Node-Centered Edge-Based Discretization”
Drs. Hiroaki Nishikawa andYi Liu2017 Bo Walkley Best Research Publication“Accuracy-Preserving Source Term Quadrature for Third-order Edge-based Discretization”Published in “Journal of Computational Physics”, September 2017
Dr. Amber SojaAppointment to International Association of Wildland Fires (IAWF) Board of Directors
David ThrockmortonElection to AIAA National Board of Trustees (2 Year Term)
Dr. Vesselin YamakovSelected to Support NASA Evaluation Processes — NASA Fellowship Activity Proposal ReviewsThe NASA Fellowship Activity 2018 supports the vitality and diversity of the STEM workforce of NASA and the United States by training and funding graduate students during their STEM academic endeavors and providing access to NASA, its content, unique facilities, and STEM experts.
Dr. Yi LinSelected to Support NASA Evaluation Processes — NASA Early Career Faculty Program Proposal ReviewsComponent of the Space Technology Research Grants Program, which  challenges early career faculty to examine the theoretical feasibility of ideas and approaches that are critical to making science, space travel, and exploration more effective, affordable, and sustainable.
Dr. Nelson De CarvahloAmerican Society of Composites (ASC) DEStech Young Composites Researcher Award“For outstanding contributions to the science and technology of composite materials by way of analytical modeling, numerical modeling, design methodologies, and/or experimental work that have led to a greater understanding of the behavior of composite materials.”
Dr. Tian-Bing XuAIAA Associate Fellow