Christopher Fuller

Professor Chris FullerVirginia Tech Langley Distinguished Professor

Center for Aerospace Vibration and Acoustics

100 Exploration Way, Hampton, VA 2366

Tel: (757) 325-6700; Fax: (757) 325 6701



  • Ph.D, University of Adelaide, 1978
  • BE (Hons), University of Adelaide, 1974

Work Experience

  • Virginia Tech Samuel Langley Distinguished Professor of Engineering, 2011-present
  • Roanoke Electric Steel Professor, Virginia Tech, 1983-2011
  • NRC Research Fellow, NASA Langley Research Center, 1981-1983
  • Senior Research Fellow, ISVR, University of Southampton, 1978-1981

Research Interests

  • Active Noise And Vibration Control
  • Acoustic Meta Materials
  • Advanced Beamforming techniques
  • Advanced sensing techniques
  • Multi-functional energy harvesting/vibration control systems
  • Application of acoustics to medicine
  • Advanced composite passive acoustic materials

Current Research

Reduction of Background Noise and Reflections in Beamforming in Wind Tunnels

Beamforming for measurement of aeroacoustic sources in wind tunnels is often affected by the background flow and fan noise as well as reflection from the tunnel walls. This project is studying the potential of utilizing active noise control to reduce the effects of background noise and Cepstral techniques to reduce the effects of reflections. 

Meta Acoustic Materials

Meta materials are material systems which have properties not occurring in nature. They consist of a periodic arrangement of scatterers or resonant elements. We are studying the potential of meta material systems to improve the acoustic absorption of poro-elastic foams. The systems under study consist of an arrangement of small masses embedded in the foam material. Both experimental and numerical approaches are being developed.

Reduction of Noise in Prenatal Enclosures

Pre-term children are exposed to high levels of sound within prental enclosures. The noise eminates from a variety of sources including fans, pumps and alarms. We are investigating the noise characteristics of prenatal enclosures and developing advanced methods of noise control to mitigate the noise. The work is being done in cooperation with Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Dual energy Harvesting/Vibration Control Systems.

This project is investigation systems which carry out the dual goal of simultaneously reducing vibration of structures and harvesting energy.


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