Leslie Kagey

Leslie Kagey

Senior Principal Engineer
Tel: (757) 864-7479
Email: leslie.o.kagey@nasa.gov

Les Kagey


  • MS, University of Tennessee, 2008
  • Diploma in Aviation Safety, US Naval Postgraduate School, 2001
  • BSME, University of Louisville, 1975
  • US Navy Flight School, 1976


Work Experience

  • Senior Principal Engineer, NIA, 2016-present
  • NASA Research Pilot and Aviation Safety Officer, NASA Langley Research Ctr., 2000-2016
  • Corporate Pilot and Safety Function Manager, Federal Mogul Corporation, 1990-2000
  • Director of Marketing and New Business Development Manager, CAETECH, Inc. 1990-2000
  • Patrol Plane Commander/Aircraft Maintenance Department Head, US Navy, 1983-1990
  • Staff Engineer, Hughes Aircraft Corp., 1982-1983
  • Special Engineering Project Pilot/ASW Patrol Pilot/Quality Assurance Officer, US Navy, 1975-1982
  • Electronics Technician/Radar Maintenance, US Navy, 1968-1975


Research Areas/Expertise

  • Aircraft Systems Integration
  • Airspace coordination with the FAA and International airspace authorities
  • Aircraft Test Flight Pilot in support of Atmospheric and Earth Science Research
  • Airframe and Systems Airworthiness Certification
  • Federal Certified Aviation Safety Officer/Safety Management System (SMS) certification
  • Underwater Acoustics
  • Licensed Professional Engineer, Michigan
  • Licensed Airline Transport Pilot
  • Certified Flight Instructor


Current Research/Engineering

Aerosol Cloud meTeorology Interactions oVer the western ATlantic Experiment (ACTIVATE)

This project focuses on the impact of clouds on global energy balance and is an Earth Venture project which will operate with two NASA aircraft assets for multiple years along the east coast of the United States and to the east of Bermuda.

Research Aircraft Structural Modification Engineering 

Assist NASA with acquisition of potential aircraft research platforms and then participate in the engineering and analysis of structural design changes to NASA aircraft in support of research needs not normally available in standard aircraft configurations.



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