Roberto Rocchetta

Roberto Rocchetta  

Research Scholar 

Tel: (757) 281-8054


Roberto Rocchetta


  • Ph.D., University of Liverpool, UK, 2019
  • MRes (Hons), University of Liverpool, UK, 2015
  • M.Eng., Bologna University, IT, 2014
  • B.Eng., Bologna University, IT, 2012

Work Experience

  • Research Scholar, NIA, 2019-present
  • Research internship, ARAMIS s.r.l, 2017-2018

Research Areas/Expertise

  • Probabilistic and non-probabilistic methods for uncertainty quantification
  • Networked infrastructure modelling, simulation, design optimization
  • Resilience, Reliability, Vulnerability and Risk assessments
  • Reinforcement learning methods for optimization of operations and maintenances
  • Bayesian model updating and surrogate modeling

Current Research

Developing a mathematical framework for optimizing systems under uncertainty

NASA missions often require innovative new systems which are designed specifically to operate in extreme environments under strongly varying operating conditions. Uncertainty is typically described as aleatory uncertainty, which is uncertainty due to randomness, or epistemic uncertainty, which is uncertainty due to knowledge. In many cases, experimental data is extremely costly and therefore highly limited, making uncertainty difficult to definitively quantify. This research instead intends to develop a mathematical framework for determining the effects of uncertainty in the predictions of computational models.

Dependency models to study the effects of radiation exposure on pilots

Since NASA established the Journey to Mars, an initiative for manned missions to Mars, increased emphasis has been placed on research to determine the impact of radiation exposure on astronauts in outer space. Once humans leave the Earth’s protective magnetosphere, they are subject to galactic cosmic rays (GCRs) and solar particle events (SPEs, also known as solar flare particles), not to mention radiation belt particles from the Van Allen Radiation Belts. This research intends to conduct dependency modeling to support studies into the effects of those types of radiation on the human body.


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