Patents and Licensing Opportunities

NIA’s research staff is actively working to advance the state-of-the-art of all aspects of aerospace science and technology. This work includes inventing such things as new materials for aircraft structures, energy conversion, sensing, and actuation, new methodologies for testing aerospace components, maintaining the safety of the National Air Space, and many others. NIA makes its intellectual property available through the licensing process.

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Patent No.

Date Issued


NIA Inventor(s)

Other Inventor(s)

7,415,8768/26/2008Pressure sensor systemHubbard, Jr., J.*Pullen; D.
7,446,45911/4/2008Hybrid Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Transducer SystemXu, T-B.*Jiang, X.; Su; J.; Rehrig, P.; Hackenberger,W.
7,510,8023/31/2009Multilayer Ferritin Array for BionanobatteryChu, S-H.*; Kim, J-W.; Park, Y.Choi, S.; Lillehei, P.; King, G.; Elliott, Jr., J.
7,666,9392/23/2010Dispersions of carbon nanotubes in polymer matricesPark, C.Wise, K.*; Siochi, E.; Harrison, J.; Lillehei, P.; Lowther, S.
7,704,5534/27/2010Depositing nanometer-sized particles of metals onto carbon allotropesWatson, K.*; Ghose, S.Fallbach, M.; Smith, J.; Delozier, D.; Connell, J.
8,083,98612/27/2011Fabrication of Advanced Thermoelectric Materials by Hierarchical Nanovoid GenerationPark, Y.; Chu, S-H.; Kim, J-W.Choi, S.*; Elliott, J.; King, G. Kim; Lillehei, P.; Stoakley, D.
8,529,8259/10/2013Fabrication of nanovid-Imbedded Bismuth Telluride with Low Dimensional SystemChu, S-H.*; Choi, S.H.; Kim, J-W.; Park, Y.Elliott, J.R.; King, G.C.; Stoakley, D.M.
8,680,7493/24/2014Piezoelectric Multi-Layer-Stacker Hybrid Actuation/TransductionSystemXu, T-B.*Jiang, X.; Su, J.
9,137,8839/15/2015Robust, Flexible and Lightweight Dielectric Barrier Discharge Actuators Using Nanofoams/AerogelsSauti, G.*; Xu, T-B.Siochi, E.J.; Wilkinson, S.P.; Meador, M.B.; Guo, H.N.
EPO: 10-1594411/28/2016Boron Nitride Nanotubes Smith, M.W.; Jordan, K.; Park, C.
* Lead Inventor