Human Factors Research and Support

Human Factors Research and Support


Provide quality human factors research, engineering and program support in development and introduction of new technology and procedures for FAA NextGen Technical Operations and airspace management

Why it Matters

To ensure safety by identifying and mitigating human factors issues, and to provide high quality guidelines and training materials to reduce potential for unanticipated man/machine systems failures in operations activity of the National Airspace System

Recent Accomplishments

  • Rigorous evaluation of instructor skills and training standards and procedures aimed at FAA technical Operations specialists
  • Developed guidance for presentation/management of FAA alarms/alerts in air traffic control and technical operations for NextGen
  • Identified and analyzed potential hazard conditions and impacts on TechOps in NextGen, and incorporated into guidance


Federal Aviation Administration

Participants/ Collaborators

  • National Institute of Aerospace
  • Honeywell
  • Human Proof
  • Evans, Inc.

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