08-01-2017 | Duc Nguyen: Finite Element Domain Decomposition Algorithms & Software With Applications in Engineering

91st NIA CFD Seminar: Finite Element Domain Decomposition Algorithms & Software With Applications in Civil/Structural/Mechanical/Aerospace/Electro-Magnetic/Acoustics/Transportation Engineering

Date: Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Time: 11:00am-noon (EST)

Room: NIA, Rm 101

Speaker: Duc T. Nguyen

Weblink: http://nia-mediasite.nianet.org/NIAMediasite100/Play/95ea739ed9d647b48815ae15077f23db1d?catalog=fe540232-73ef-4460-8462-0d8a1a25ea58

Abstract: Serial and parallel computing methods for use in large-scale structural analysis, and other engineering/science applications (such as Computational Fluid Dynamics, Acoustics, Electro-magnetic, Transportation Engineering Modeling, Automotive Engineering, Mechanical/Aerospace/Civil/Electrical Engineering disciplines) are high-lighted.

The seminar speaker will briefly explain important numerical topics, such as parallel sparse/dense matrix operations, Domain Decomposition (DD) partitioned algorithms, mixed direct-iterative (linear) solvers with DD formulation, solution algorithms for solving systems of Simultaneous Linear Equations (SLE) where the system (stiffness) matrix can be symmetrical (or unsymmetrical), positive (or negative) definite, or indefinite, how to handle SLE with Multi-Point Constraints (MPC), efficient algorithms for solving system of non-linear equations, Sensitivity Analysis with DD formulation, Genetic and Differential Evolution (DE) Algorithms for size, shape and topology optimization.

Medium to large-scale, practical NASA finite element models [such as the High Speed Civil Transport (HSCT) Aircraft, space shuttle Solid Rocket Booster (SRB), NASA LaRC finite element acoustic 3-D model], Automobile Finite Element model, Shortest Paths in real-life Transportation Networks, size-shape-topology optimization for 2-D bridge structures, etc… will be presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the developed numerical algorithms.

Bio: Dr. Duc T. Nguyen obtained his B.S. (Northeastern University, 1974), M.S. (U.C. Berkeley, 1976), and Ph.D. (University of Iowa, 1982) degrees in Civil/Structural Engineering. He has been a Structural Engineering faculty at Old Dominion University since 1985. His teaching activities and research in Large-Scale Parallel (Finite Element) Computational Mechanics, Equation & Eigen-Solvers, Sensitivity Analysis & Engineering Optimization, and in STEM Related Educational Topics have led to several international/national/regional awards.

Additional information, including the webcast link, can be found at the NIA CFD Seminar website: http://www.hiroakinishikawa.com/niacfds/index.html