9.12.16 Weinstein

Title: Enhancing Technologies with Quantum Phenomena: Problems and Solutions

Speaker: Dr. Yaakov S. Weinstein, Group Leader for the Quantum Information Science Group, The MITRE Corporation

Date: Monday, September 12, 2016

Location: NASA/LaRC, B2102, Reid

Time: 1:00pm

 Abstract: Computation, communication and sensing are examples of technologies that can be made more efficient and accurate by utilizing features of quantum mechanics. This talk will outline MITRE research in identifying and solving some of the challenges to realizing such quantum enhanced technologies. This includes correcting quantum errors, hacking quantum networks and communication systems, and ruggedizing quantum sensing.

Bio: Dr. Weinstein is the Group Leader for the Quantum Information Sciences Group at the MITRE Corporation since 2014. He began as a Physicist at MITRE in 20015. He received his MS in Mechanical Engineering and PhD in Nuclear Science and Engineering from MIT. He obtained his BA in Physics and Mathematics from Yeshiva University in New York, NY.