10-01-2018 | Tomohiro Irie: Overset Mesh and Related Technology in scFLOW

108th NIA CFD Seminar: Overset mesh and related technology in scFLOW

Date: Monday, October 1, 2018

Time: 11am-noon (EDT)

Room: NIA, Rm137

Speaker: Tomohiro Irie

Weblink: http://hiroakinishikawa.com/niacfds

Abstract: scFLOW is a commercial CFD code developed by Software Cradle since 2016. I introduced the overset mesh technology of SC/Tetra at NIA seminar in 2014. scFLOW is a successor product of SC/Tetra. scFLOW is based on a cell-centered discretization while SC/Tetra is based on a node-centered discretization. Unstructured polyhedral cells can be used for a computational mesh, and both pressure-based and density-based FVM solvers have been implemented for incompressible and compressible flows. Overset mesh technology is introduced aiming to analyze a flow around objects with complex motions. Hole-cutting process is realized using alternating digital tree (ADT) data structure and inclusion determination based on the X-rays algorithm. scFLOW’s overset mesh technology can be coupled with physical functions such as free surface analysis, 6-DOF mechanism analysis and flow-structure interaction (FSI) analysis. The density-based scheme coupled with the overset mesh technology is especially effective for analyzing a moving object in a high-Mach number compressible flow. Numerical results of basic verification and engineering application are shown in this presentation.

Speaker Bio: Tomohiro Irie is a group leader of Software Engineering Department at Software Cradle Co., Ltd. in charge scFlow solver development.